Internship – Our Children, Our Responsibility

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Dear Partners in our Education,


At the outset, I’d like to applaud those children of classes 9 to 12 who have completed their internship and convey my deep sense gratitude to the parents who made it possible.


The positive impact of the experience and knowledge the children have gained is extremely encouraging. 10% to 15% of students of classes 9, 10, 11 and 12 have completed 4 hours to 80 hours of internships in May, in various fields, and have authentic certificates to prove it.


Their chosen fields range from IT, Bio Tech., Commerce, Manufacturing, Store Keeping, Architecture, Civil & Mechanical Engineering and Health Care, to mention a few. There has been a student who has interned as a Dog Behaviourist; another has met Mr. Manirathnam, the renowned film maker requesting a chance to learn about film making and has been promised a chance in a month’s time!


Many of our students who have not managed to get internships said that they did not know whom to approach and some even said that firms demanded large amounts of money in exchange!


This mail is to make a very humble request to all you parents out there. Is there any way you could assist OUR children with internships? This is one positive way to help them match their area of interest with their aptitude. I want them to experiment and learn as much as they can about the myriad opportunities available and make informed and well researched decisions while choosing their further course of study.


The response of the students and parents I personally interacted with about internships has been overwhelming. I want us to join hands to help, encourage and empower them to become responsible accountable decision makers in all ways possible.


This is my request: Please let us know, through e-mail or a phone call, the areas that you would be able to assist our children get internships. We shall display the list on our notice board and children can get in touch with you. Please help. If we can get our children motivated and moving in the right direction, we will not have to force them to study morning noon and night….they will do it by choice, as the chosen course IS THEIR CHOICE!


Please volunteer! Mail us at I look forward to hearing from you.


Rama J. Sudev


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