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Dear Partners in our Education,

The role we parents play in our children’s life is paramount to their success…..and ours as parents. Parenting is a skill, honed over a number of years. I often tell my senior students to take kindly to their parents’ words as every syllable and action, however harsh it may be, is a sign of their love, their anxiety, to ensure that their children have a great life.

At GTA Vidhya Mandir, we want to give parents the advantage of overseeing their children’s progress from close quarters as we are of the firm belief that only when we, parents and the school, team up can children be effectively nurtured and guided.

Instituting a PARENTS’ CIRCLE is our first step in this teaming up of parents and the school.  There is so much we could do together for the benefit of our children.

EDIFYOn Thursday last, that is, 20th July, we had our ex-student teaming up with her father to present a 2 hour seminar on GST to our senior secondary Commerce students as part of our EDIFY programme. Abacus mental math too is being run by a parent in the EDIFY session. I would like more of you to give our children such meaningful inputs.

GT MARATHON: A healthy mind in a healthy body is a dictum we believe in. To this effect we started a mini marathon for the students, parents, staff and management members of GTAVM. Parents who casually took part in the run last year are regular runners now, taking part in marathons. We request your full participation in this year’s GT MARATHON onSunday, 6th August, 2017.

INSPIRED to INNOVATE: This is a chance for you to team-up with your children and compete in a working engineering model making competition, which will be held on 15th October, commemorating the birth anniversary of Dr. A.P.J. Kalam.

CARNIVAL CONFETTI: A carnival that brought to the fore talented and enterprising parents is slated for January every year. This year, we’d like it to be part of our Pongal celebrations. This again is in your hands.

INTERNSHIPS: Giving our children a better chance at finding out what makes them tick and helping them focus on the discipline that they’d like to make a career of is the reason we made internships compulsory for students of classes 9 to 12. We request your assistance in any way you can.

All this has been planned to bring about a bonding between you and your children at a myriad of levels; I look at them as unique opportunities.

Now here is my appeal to all of you; I would like you come together as one and form an official PARENTS’ CIRCLE. You could sign-up to form an official club where both parents play an active role, and plan ways to join us in guiding our children. I would be grateful if we could launch our PARENTS’ CIRCLE on 5th August, our FOUNDER’s DAY, and kick-start it with the GT Marathon on 6th August.

Kindly mail me at I look forward to hearing from you about this.

Rama J. Sudev


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