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Dear Partners in our Education,


Our priorities map our success, whether in a family, among friends or at work. The priority right now is to congratulate all our students who have cleared their board examinations, irrespective of what they have scored. I salute the parents and teachers who stood by them in their hour of need. They need the same support now, if not more, to help them take the next step confidently, with their pride and self-respect intact.


We had parent orientations for the kindergarten and primary sections. The priority there was to lay down our expectations of parents and give them an opportunity to state theirs. With this aspect clear, we are all set to welcome our little ones into our fold.


As academicians, our priority is to ensure that children enjoy everything they learn. Our experience has taught us that they comprehend and assimilate concepts they enjoy learning. Marks are not the priority. We know for sure that marks invariably follow concept clarity and hence our priority is the PLEASURE of LEARNING minus the pressure of learning!


Our everyday life is a series of activities that need our attention. How do we get it all done? We need to prioritise; segregate the important from the urgent, and get things done. Many a time, ‘urgent’ matters take precedence over the ‘important’, and the rest is history!


Another aspect to prioritise is family. Family time is one that strengthens bonds of love and trust. It is this feeling of belonging that will help us overcome hurdles, however challenging they may be. I was witness to a beautiful heart-warming family celebration last evening, and the love and positivity in the air was palpable. If we don’t make our family a priority now, given today’s fast paced life, we will lose out on the biggest and most dependable asset we are blessed with.


My list of priorities grows by the day, and now, prioritising my priorities itself has become my priority!! But then, that is what we call LIFE. Let us live it well and meaningfully; merely existing is no option!


Have a meaningful and memorable week!


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Rama J. Sudev


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