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Why Internships

Dear Partners in our Education,


One of the first things I ask my class 11 and 12 students is about their plans after schooling. A few are very clear and their focus is such that no one needs to remind them to study. There are others who are okay with a seat in Medicine or Engineering or Dental or Architecture or anything else that their parents are able to ‘buy’ for them. Then there is this group which has no idea whatsoever where it is heading! These students have to be forced to study as they lack self-motivation.

Beginning this academic year, I have insisted on internships for students of classes 9 to 12.

I want 9th and 10th students to check out areas they think they might be interested in and find out if they have an aptitude for it. 11th and 12th students have to be a little more specific in choosing their areas of interest and finally zero in on that one field they would like to pursue.

You are all professionals and entrepreneurs out there. I request you to volunteer to offer internships to our students and help them choose a career they would seriously like to pursue. I am very glad to inform you that some of the parents I have met during the last couple of months have been more than willing to do their level best for our students. They include businessmen, doctors, advocates, builders and architects to name a few. I profess my wholehearted gratitude to all of them.

This mail is a sincere request to each one of you. Kindly volunteer to sponsor internships for our students; set them on the path to discovering their passion. I truly believe that if they have a goal, they will be self motivated and no will ever have to force them study morning noon and night! I believe that if they find their driving force, everyday of their lives will be something they look forward to.

Kindly mail us at if you would like to be a part of this process of giving our children an edge over the others. We need your support in this.


I look forward to hearing from you.


Rama J. Sudev


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