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Goals Obscure Obstacles

Dear Partners in our Education,


The positivity that was palpable at the first PTA meeting is a clear indication that we are well on the way to making schooling worth the time, energy and emotion our children invest in it. We need to pave the way for more important things now.


The first among them is to help children figure out what they want their future to look like. I said ‘help them’ figure it out, not try and decide it for them! For this we need to get them to focus on their strengths, be what they may.


Focus will help them have a goal, and a goal, a clear one, is what they need to succeed. You strive to achieve what you have clear sight of. I have a story for this, a true one.


Florence Chadwick, an American long distance swimmer was the first woman to cross the English Channel, both ways, setting a new record. However, this is the tail-end of her story; it is the beginning that I want to share with you.


Florence Chadwick, in 1952, attempted to swim the 26 miles between Catalina Island and the California coastline. She had almost completed her ordeal, swimming 16 hours, when she gave up, and guess why…. she had lost sight of her goal, the California coastline! Thick fog obscured her vision; she lost sight of her finish line! Florence panicked, lost faith in her ability, allowed doubt to creep into her heart, lost focus. She gave up! Sadly, when the fog cleared, she realised she was hardly a mile away from her destination!


Florence did not lose hope! Two months later she tried again. The same fog set in. This time she kept a mental image of her destination; she told herself that she could do it; she steeled herself against the odds with just her goal insight! The rest is history!


If we help our children have a goal, if we can show them by example how to be focused and keep our sight fixed on that goal, I think we have done our job! This is the empowerment our children need, this is what they deserve.


Solid goals have the power to make obstacles vanish; focus will help our children keep their eyes on their goals and goals alone, little else will matter.


We have one goal, and that is to empower our children to have a goal and focus on it. We shall make it happen, whatever it takes! They are our children; if we don’t, who will?!?


Mail me at I look forward to hearing from you.


Rama J. Sudev


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