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Dear Partners in our Education,

GTA Vidhya Mandir is a beehive of activities these days, what with tests, club activities, field trips, sports selections, PTMs and interschool cultural competitions. Add to it the preparation for our Founder’s Day and GT marathon; everyone seems to be on their toes.

The first PTM for this academic year for classes 9 to 12 that was held on Saturday saw a lot of positivity. Parents who took the time to meet me were appreciative of the new initiatives that have been woven into the curriculum. At the same time they made several observations that would for sure improve the quality of the teaching-learning process that happens at school. The suggestions on how concept teaching can be made more effective or how we can incorporate training for competitions into our school timing came with so much passion and good will that it was a pleasure just listening to them.

Fitness sessions have begun for the marathon scheduled for 6th August. Parents and children join us at the beach for workouts. The fun time that parents share with us, the children and with each other, running and laughing and playing in the sand, is a sight beautiful to behold.

All this clearly points to one fact, the bonding that is clearly visible in every aspect of our school. This is one of our biggest dreams. We are certain that if teachers and parents work hand in hand, become a solid positive force to direct our children in the best possible way, sky will be the limit.

The forethought with which the parents I interact with relate to the various activities we conduct and the numerous plans we have for our children is THE driving force that will encourage us to keep constantly improving and doing our very best. This is the BONDING which will help us look beyond personal interest and ego issues to work for the betterment of our children. We welcome your suggestions, positive inputs and constructive criticism.

This is my earnest request to all. Let us join hands to prepare our children for life, not just for another examination or test. The recent 10th and 12thboard results are a clear indication that we are on the right track. We now need to polish all our rough edges and forge ahead to ensure a promising future for our youngsters.

Kindly accept our sincere gratitude for your constant support. As long as our bonding is unshakable, there is nothing that can come in the way of our children being their best and doing their best, all the time, in all situations.

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Rama J. Sudev


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