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Dear Partners in our Education,

I was at the beach last evening with my mother, and as usual missing my father (you see, my heart refuses to accept facts like my head does!), when I spotted a family playing in the water. The father stood a little distance away capturing memories of his happy little family for posterity on his mobile phone camera; the mother had a stick in her hand and kept writing on the wet sand. It was the kid who caught my attention!

This 7 or 8 year old watched eagerly as his mother wrote on the sand and then stood facing the sea with his hands outstretched trying to stop the waves from washing away what was written. His innocent mind told him that he could do it, and every time the wave washed the writing away, he wailed thinking it was his fault! This got me thinking. Isn’t this exactly how we spend our precious time; blaming ourselves for what is not in our control?

We worry about things NOT within our circle of influence! It’s the same everywhere, all the time. We spend our time and energy berating things beyond our control instead of using our innate positivity to forge ahead and get better at what we are good at and aiming to be the best we can ever be!  Nothing disconcerts me more than this attempt to make a fish climb a tree! It will only lead to mediocrity. Is this what we want from life, from our children, mediocrity?

Last Saturday, a few students of architecture visited our school as part of an Internship project. One of them asked me how I’d define personal success and how it could be measured. This is was my reply:

“I measure my success on my own terms. I’m not in competition with anyone else as I believe that I am my BEST COMPETITOR. I strive to better myself constantly. If I can look in the mirror each day andbe proud of who I am and what I have achieved, that for me is success. I believe that the only thing that stands between me and everything I want to achieve is just myself and my attitude. I love coming in to work, I enjoy every single minute I spend here, and to top it, get paid to do what I love and enjoy.This to me is success!Success to me is waking up each morning, feeling healthy, and eagerly looking forward to the day ahead.


Let us stop being like that little boy at the beach with arms widespread to stop a wave washing away what was written on sand.  Instead, let us be the ones who turn around, assess the situation, and write our stories of success in a place where waves cannot ever reach, in the hearts and minds of those around us! It’s all in a day’s work, one day at a time, everyday!


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Rama J. Sudev


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